Wednesday, December 31, 2008


As a reminder:  He's 4 - he just turned 4.

Harrison has a small problem loving the cat.  He never physically hurts her, but for whatever reason he seems to think that every time he sees her he needs to get in 'monster stance' and let out a scary growl.  This sends the cat running.  We have talked at length about this and it doesn't seem to matter.  He thinks it's funny when she goes running from the room.  Anyway - this morning (and when I say this morning, I mean 3 minutes after I got out of bed.  Pre-coffee) he did this and I gently said "Oh honey, don't."  After I said this, Payton hadn't seemed scared enough so he did it again.  At this point I raised my voice and said "HARRISON - DON'T SCARE THE CAT!"  To which he responded:

"Prove it mom.  Prove that I scared the cat.  Because you can't."

He was seriously lucky I didn't slap him.  

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jenvan said...

You do realize that he is the live action Bart Simpson, don't you? Giggling becuase, for once, it's not me!! You'll need more coffee for the next 14 years or so...