Monday, December 22, 2008

Inappropriate Toys

I am sitting here at my in-laws, watching my children play with inappropriate toys. Bennett has been crying almost all morning. Usually he has a few fussy periods but this morning he is just taunting my to drink the whole pot of coffee. After a few different trys at activities I finally walked away. He will have to do this himself. He follows me (of course) into the office. Here he sees a bowl full of pennies. This was 25 minutes ago. Since then, he and his brother have not said one word to me. 'Dump the pennies out. Pick the pennies up. Dump the pennies out. Pick the pennies up. Throw the pennies against the desk. Pick the pennies up.' Harrison is currently seeing how many pennies he can get to stay in his sleeve next to his elbow. I love how it sounds when he says elbow. So much emphasis on the the 'el.' So, after a stern warning about pennies in the mouth I have had 30 + minutes of semi-quiet bliss. Thank you inappropriate toys. Thank you choking hazards. Thank you.

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