Wednesday, December 24, 2008

No Words

While Harrison has been able to speak since he was born, Bennett continues his quest to not talk until he goes to kindergarten. He continues to say his stand-by's of 'Da-da' for Dad and 'Du-du' for Douglas but we are struggleing everywhere else. I am totally unconcerned about all of this but I find it very humerous after having a child like Harrison. Now, just because Bennett doesn't speak doesn't mean we can't hear him. We hear him loud and clear. To get our attention he uses the phrase 'ya-ya' and if we don't pay attention right away, he uses it louder and louder and louder. Also, when he runs from place to place he makes noise. I am trying to figure out as to why this is. I think it is because he likes the way his voice changes as he bounces up and down while running. It is quite amuzing to listen to.
One thing I have managed to get Bennett to say is 'please.' He won't do it without prompting yet but it is the cutest, sweetest little 'pees' you have ever heard when it does come out of his mouth.
So we will continue with the pointing and yelling until he decides that there are other things he would like to try and speak.

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