Friday, December 5, 2008

Miles and Harrison

I love the age difference between Miles and Harrison.  Harrison is just at the right age to be annoyed with some of the things that Miles does, but also know that Miles doesn't mean any harm.  He is just a baby.  And Harrison will take the time to play with Miles and try to tickle him and it is just so cute.  Bennett on the other hand.  Well, that's a whole nother story.  He would appreciate it if Miles would just go away so that he could have his mommy back...!  That is why you don't have babies 9 months apart!!!


jenvan said...

I miss you too!!!! I would LOVE to see you. Darin actually has this Friday off so I could play if you are available... and work, well, it's optional right now, so I am pretty much open. email me,, we'll figure it out.

Have I told you lately how absolutely adorable your kids are? So cute!!!

jenvan said...

By the way, I love Miles' cheeks!!