Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Will and Andy are buds.  The friendship started a few weeks ago and has blossomed into a routine that Will loves.  When Miles and Andy get to the house in the mornings, Will goes to find the Magna-Doodle and then goes to find Andy.  They then sit down and practice their letters.  It is so cute the way Will looks at the letters and then at Andy.  And he often says the correct ones.  His favorites are 'E', 'I', and 'O' but he knows others as well.  The whole situation has also been good for Harrison.  He has never really been that 'in' to letters and I have tried not to push.  But now he seems to take an interest and goes to look and name the letters as well.  I have even gotten him to play some other letter games that I have.  The whole scene is so fun to watch in the morning!

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