Monday, March 1, 2010


My friend Lynsdey and her girlfriend Andrea bought a house this month and I took the boys over to see their new house. We were getting ready to leave and I asked Harrison and Bennett to go pick a toy to bring. "Why?" they asked in unison. This is one of the times I wish children could be seen and not heard. Just do as your told! Instead, we had the following conversation.

Me: "Because. Lyndsey doesn't have any toys?"

Boys: "Why?" Is this the worst word in the English language?

Me: "Because they do not have any children?"

Boys: "Why?"

Me: "They just don't."

Boys: "Why?"


Harrison: "We have a van." At this point I had my reaccuring day dream. Me with my hands around his neck.

We get loaded in the van and the conversation begins again.

Harrison: "Mom, I just don't understand why they don't have kids."

Me: "Honey, not everyone has kids?"

Harrison: "But, why?" I don't know what to say. There are a million reasons I am thinking about and none of them are on the top of my "Things I want to discuss with Harrison when he is 5" list.

Me: "Honey, Marc and Emily don't have kids. Sometimes people just haven't had kids yet. Dan and Maegan don't have kids." Well, this was the wrong thing to say. Bennett has an obsession with Meggan and Johnny (my friend and her son that pick Harrison up for school). So when I said Maegan, he thought Meggan. The conversation turned...

Bennett: "Meggan has kids."

Me: "Yes, Bennett, Meggan and Ryan have Johnny. But Dan and Maegen don't have kids."

Bennett: "Johnny has kids." I have NO idea where this came from.

Harrison: "Johnny doesn't have kids!"

Bennett: "Why?" Ugggggggg.

Harrison: "I don't know. Mom?"

Me: "Johnny is too young to have kids." I WANT THEM TO STOP TALKING NOW!!!!!!

Harrison: "Am I too young to have kids."

Me: "Yes."

Harrison: "Are you sure? When can I have kids?" OMG!

Me: "When you are as old as me."

Harrison: "So... like in 60 years or something?" I am day dreaming again...

Me: "Something like that. Who wants to watch Curious George?"

Bennett: "ME! ME!"

Thank goodness for a van with a dvd player. Until...

Harrison: "Mom, I just don't understand. I mean, they are two mommmies. Why don't they have kids?"

I love Harrison. He is going to make a wonderful human being. I LOVE how I have never told him that boys love girls or girls love girls or boys love boys or girls love boys he just knows that people love people and that is all we need. Love. I finally said that daddy and I didn't have kids until he was born and that everybody has kids when they are ready and able. I really really wanted to say that not everyone had kids for this reason or that, but I was too exhausted to continue. Another day...

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Tome said...

Oh, boy. I'm exhausted just thinking about having that conversation. And I'm laughing, too. :)