Saturday, March 27, 2010

Christmas is coming

I took the boys to one of the coolest toy stores in Des Moines yesterday. It is called Angie's Kid Zone and it is in Valley Junction. I took them in there because I wanted to get a sense of what Bennett may want for his birthday. The store has a ton of Melissa and Doug wooden toys and some great recycled plastic trucks and a whole bunch of other types of toys you wouldn't find at Toy's R Us. I love it! Anyway, Bennett went right to the kitchen play area and stayed there until I drug him away to look at some other things. I showed him some play food and a doll house and a toy truck and he was off. I think he touched 90% of the items in the store and said "I want this for my Christmas. I want this for my Christmas. OH! Look at this! I want this for my Christmas!." It was adorable and totally unhelpful. I left with very few ideas, but a good chuckle. Topping it all off was the annoyed older brother who kept saying "It's your BIRTHDAY! Not Christmas. Geesh!"

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