Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Healthy Habits

I was in the boy's room yesterday and Harrison walks in with the scale. "I want to see how big I am, Mom!" Well thris started the beginning of everyone wanting to see how big they are. Here are our tally's;
Harrison: age 5 years 4 months - 38 lbs
Caden: age 2 years 9 months - 29.5 lbs
Miles: age 2 years 2 months - 29 lbs
Bennett: age 2 years 11 months - 26 lbs

As you can see, my little man is just that, little! Anyway, Harrison proceeded to tell me that he was going to the fridge. He wanted an apple. He was going to get bigger and stronger. So off he went... and then... he came back. With one or two bites of the apple he jumped back on the scale. Still 38 lbs. "MOM! Why aren't I any bigger?!?!" Ummmm... I explained that you didn't get mearsurably bigger just by eating one thing. You needed to eat the food, digest the food and then your body would get bigger over time. This seemed acceptable. But, the damage of the conversation was done and soon I had three 2 year olds with apple pieces jumping on and off the scale asking "How much now?" over and over again! Oh the joys...

Fast forward 2 hours and I am making Harrison's lunch for school. "Mom, only put healthy thinkgs in my lunch. I want to get bigger and stronger and I am only going to get that way by eating healthy foods." He gets these ideas from that cult they call preschool. I am thinking of pulling him out.

So I pack his lunch and there is a healthy sandwich, a healthy banana, healthy carrot sticks and a mildly healthy rice krispie treat. When he gets home from school he gives me a lecture on healthy food that included "Mom. It is called a rice krispie treat. Treat! Treats are not healthy, Mom. I am only eating healthy foods! Please take that out of my lunch box." Sure enough everything was eaten out of his lunch exect for the rice krispie treat.

Tomorrow he is getting rice cakes, celery and water. We will see how long this health kick lasts!

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