Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Thief

There is pretty much an order to the way I love children. I mean, let's be honest. I love my kids the best! :) After that come my favorite 4 and 3 years olds, James and Kaitlyn, then come my favorite foster kids, Miles, Annabelle, and Caden. I can't imagine that Miles knows he is not on the top of the list, but regardless, he is trying to change the order of things. Claudia has 2 weeks off for Spring Break because she teaches at a year round school that has longer breaks through-out the year. Well, you think she would have stolen those kids from me for 2 years! Miles is totally new! He has learned more words in 2 weeks than I can even comprehend! And he is very deliberate in the way that he uses his words. He takes his time and makes sure that he gets out a whole sentence. It is totally cute! My favorite has to be "I miss Mommy/I miss Daddy." He says this in the sweetest, cutest little sad voice I have ever heard! And what makes it cuter is that it is totally age inappropriate. Almost all 2 and 3 year olds say "I want Mommy/I want Daddy." Miss isn't a word that they use. He is like a little thief with my heart! Waaaay cute! He has also started to use the potty. It isn't something that we are working hard on, but while changing his diaper he tells me, in detail, how he should have done it in the potty and gotten an M&M. This morning I was changing a poopy diaper and he said "Ah, man! No M&M!" I almost fell over! His logic astounds me!!!

My kids better step it up or Miles is going to beat them to the top of the love chain!!! :) Well, maybe not, but he is pretty darn adorable!

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