Saturday, June 27, 2015

Perfect Saturday

Saturday started early for us all. Bennett had a sleepover and he and Caden were up at 6:00am. And they woke Harrison while trying to be their quietest! What good kids... So I decided to reward them with pancakes and bacon. I love pancakes. Win-win for everyone.

The boys then spent most of the morning outside riding their bikes around the block, playing with the neighbor kids and swimming in the pool. Caden and Bennett have been such good friends since they were 2 and I love that still continues to this day. It helps that their mom's are great friends as well!

In the evening, Chris and I headed out to the Art's Festival for a little adult fun. We met Heather and Adam, Kari and Joe, and Maegan and Dan for a night out. Eddie Money was playing a free concert and thank goodness it was free! Another friend of mine was there and she said the inside scoop was that Eddie had just fired most of his band and 3 of the new members were his children! I, of course knew all of his songs and sang along to them all, but overall the performance was lacking. :( Thank goodness we had an awesome time regardless. So many laughs and great stories between friends. We ended the night at Star Bar for some bar food. Yum!

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