Friday, June 26, 2015

Arts Fest Day one

Harrison had his last day of STEAM Camp today. It was a 5 day camp that rotated between Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. The first day was Monday and he had Math but had to miss because of the last day of school. He and his friend Sarah were upset because they LOVE math. But in the end the heard that math day was 'easy' and a little boring so when they came home today and raved about art (which they wanted to exchange for math) we were all excited. Today's art project was boat making and the teachers had constructed a sort of raging river in the classroom. The kids had to take junk scrapes (styrofoam, tape, paper, etc) and create a boat that wouldn't flip over. They had a ball. The other days were filled with robot coding, top building, and roller coaster construction. Thank you to the DMPS for offering such an enriching camp to our students!

After camp we headed to the Arts Fest with our friends Missy and Deb and their kids Sarah and Sam. Sarah and Harrison have been in school together since preschool and so have Sam and Bennett. And since Sarah and Harrison have also in been in G/T together and will go to the same middle school and high school together, I foresee a long friendship for them! 

We stopped at several kids activities booths, watched a performance, helped create an art installation that will be permanently housed at the Des Moines International Airport and took time to get some selfies and photo booth opportunities. And somehow the kids all managed to wear blue so it was easy to keep track of them! The weather looked a little sketchy and we did get sprinkled on, but it was really a great day. 

And Chris and I get to go back tomorrow all by ourselves! Yeah - kid free night!

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