Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It happened again

It happened again. The kids got older. I want to live in my naive world where my boys never grow up to be the teenagers we witnessed swearing and standing on tables outside of McDonald's on a Friday night when they were supposed to be at the football game... I digress...

Preschool started!!!!!

Bennett started in the 4 year old room. In a new location. With new teachers. School started Tuesday. Monday morning Bennett decided he was not going to school. There was no reason that we could ascertain. No hint of what was bothering him. Great. It was Labor Day. I couldn't go to the library to check out a picture book about conquering fears or the joys of preschool. I looked on line for some advice, but I was doing pretty much everything the 'experts' said. Bennett was adamant that he was going to stay home with Annabelle and take a nap. A NAP!! He hasn't napped for almost a year and even before that it was like pulling teeth the get him to lie down! Basically I just down played it. I didn't belittle his fears or anything, but I didn't feed into it either. I was a little nervous how this staunch attitude on not going to preschool was going to affect Caden and Miles on Tuesday, but neither seemed to bothered by it. Caden looked at him like he was crazy and Miles just didn't pay attention!

We were outside Tuesday morning and I decided it was time for some photo's before the time crunch of getting in the car after lunch. I brought all he back-packs outside and from there, something changed. Bennett didn't mention not going to school. He smiled and was excited. I have NO idea what happened, but I am REALLY glad!!

The 3 amigos

4 year old preschool

3 year old preschool

I wasn't overly worried about his first day because I was going to be there the whole time and Heather and Andy were coming for their kids. I could concentrate on Bennett. But on his second day I would be all by myself with Graysen and Annabelle in tow and Annabelle has convinced herself that she gets to go to preschool too!

See, Graysen and Annabelle are already barging into the picture!! :)

Thank goodness Bennett changed his tune! I can only imagine Annabelle screaming "I TOO" at the top of her lungs, Graysen pulling everything off the shelves and Bennett clinging to my leg crying. After school he told me that he forgot that there would be new toys and I didn't need to stay with him anymore. What a vicious circle!! First I am complaining because he won't go to school then I am almost in tears because he doesn't need me anymore! My baby!!!!

The first day was a wonderful success and the new location is amazing. We are looking forward to day 2. Here is my budding tool man ready to go.

In 10 short years my boys will be 14 and 16, going to Friday night football games and it will so not be cool for their mom to tag along. Excuse me while I go hug Bennett and then jump in the van to drive down to the school to yank Harrison out of the 1st grade!!

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Kari said...

Bennett looks so excited in the pictures... sometimes it is just the anticipation that is hard (for everyone - even moms!!). Glad he had a great first day! :)