Saturday, April 2, 2011

Game One of Thirty-six

Sports season has started once again in the Neipert household. The difference this year is that Bennett is old enough to play baseball, Harrison went from 8 baseball games a season to TWENTY, and Harrison decided that he really wanted to do Spring Soccer as well as Fall Soccer. That means we have up to 3 practices a week and sometimes 3 - 6 games a week depending on the week. This goes on until the second week of June so there is an end in sight!

It may seem like I am complaining, but really it is a lot of fun. Harrison's first soccer game was this morning and he did AWESOME. He scored 3 goals and was always moving and looking for a way to score or play wonderful defense. I'm glad I didn't say no to him when he said he wanted to play soccer. He loves it! I worry a little about "over-scheduling" the kids but I think we will do just fine. It is Chris and I that I worry about! Chris is taking on ALL of the practices and games, while I try and take off enough work to just get to all of the games. Hopefully we remember to feed everyone... :)

Harrison in action!!

Harrison and Josh discussing their awesomeness...

Celebrating a goal. What a great teammate!!!

Bennett was at the game too. It just might have been a little cold for his liking!!

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