Saturday, April 2, 2011

Random Days

Random days and random pictures.

Celebrating Dr. Suess's birthday and huddling around the kid computer.

What did you say? Maddie is not a horse? Oh, I didn't know...

"We're the three best friends that anyone could have!" (BTW... Miles is shouting FRIENDS!!!!)

Bennett and his babies. They don't look like willing participants in this photo op!

I'm surprised that we don't have cases of mono going on in my house cause there is a lot of kissing going on!!! :)

Caden and Bennett LOVE hidden picture puzzles. This was on a Friday afternoon when Miles had gone home early so I decided to try and take a nap on his bed. Within 10 minutes, Bennett and Caden decided that their quiet time was over and they would join me. Eventually there was not enough room for me!

Bennett often leads the reading after lunch. Sometimes I wonder if he has some sort of crazy memory because he can often repeat books word-for-word after we read them. He really pays attention!!! :)

I am doing everything I can to get Harrison to love reading as much as I do without making it seem like reading is a punishment so I was THRILLED when Bennett showed me the picture that he had just taken! He is a great reader, but he seems to think that he should only read at school! I checked out some Young Cam Jansen books at the library and that is what he is reading here. He likes the mystery of finding out what is going to happen next!

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Tome said...

Such cute photos, Beth!