Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reiman Gardens

I took the boys to Ames last weekend to see my parents and visit the Reiman Garden Halloween event.  I love the gardens and should have gotten more pictures.  They had wonderful sculptures on display that were made out of welding rebar into 'trees' and then sticking old glass bottles onto the branches.  They were just beautiful.  

Also on display were gnomes!  It was so fun to see all of them.  The Garden's had also commissioned a giant gnome to be made and it is currently the largest concrete gnome in the world.  Here is a picture with the boys and my parents.
What exciting things we have in Ames!!!  

The Halloween tour was a lot of fun.  There were games and activities throughout.  At one point we came to an area where the volunteer was supposed to be teaching and demonstrating Cat's Cradle.  She was having trouble.  Gary and Marilyn to the rescue.  

The volunteers were also dressed up in very elaborate costumes.  They were great!  Here Harrison is next to my favorite - Peacock Princess.  

The boys dressed up as Short Change this year.  It was very fun making the costumes with them (Harrison got his first spray painting lesson) and they liked wearing them and EVERYONE commented on how cute of an idea it was.  The problem was that they did not photograph worth a darn!  Harrison was the nickel and Bennett was the dime.  Happy Halloween!

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