Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

So I put the kids down for a nap yesterday.  Routine.  Normal.  Never.

Graysen's pack-n-play is in Bennett's room so on Monday and Friday they are in there together (Bennett has preschool on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).  It is not an ideal situation because Bennett is not one that just lays down and goes to sleep.  He often talks to himself or his stuffed animals and this causes Graysen to laugh and play with him.  It's getting better and usually I just make Bennett lay in there for 30 minutes and then he gets to finish quiet time on the couch.  Anyway, Friday (my birthday) Bennett had been in his room for about 25 - 30 minutes when I heard him crying and calling my name.  I was a little irritated because he had been really quiet and I assumed that Graysen was asleep and Bennett knows better than to be loud to wake him up.  I go rushing in there and find puke all over Bennett and the blanket in front of him.  Ahhhh!  What in the world?  Then, in the puke, I spot two marbles.  Holy cow!  He just choked!  I start to get him cleaned up and get his shirt off when he throws up again!  What did he do?!?!  He finally calms down and I get him cleaned up and I begin drilling him about when he got the marbles and more importantly - how many marbles he had.  Luckily there were only the two.  What was he thinking?!?!  

We have a Magnetic set that is in a box.  Bennett had gotten out of bed, opened it up and taken out two of the metal marbles.  I am speechless on how to deal with this.  What caused him to think "Marbles, that sounds like fun!  I think I will grab two and stick them in my mouth!"?  There are tons of toys in their room that are little.  That is why they are in their room and not the rest of the house!  So we added to our bedtime routine, a conversation about putting things in our mouth.  Happy Birthday to me.

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