Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Short takes

It sometimes gets crazy around my house.  I don't know why it gets crazy; I mean a five year old 2 three year olds, a two year old, a 9 month old and a 4 month old, what's crazy about that?  So far no one has hung from the ceiling fans (not from lack of trying - "BENNETT!!  Get off the table!") and no one has squished Graysen (Annabelle has come close!) but there is always tomorrow.  Here are some short stories from the past month.

As most boys do, we have an obsession with bugs in our house.  ALL bugs get a proper welcome and announcement.  "MOM!  There is a HUGE fly over here!  It's going to eat Annabelle!"  "No, Harrison, it will not.  I will be right there with the fly swatter."  Often times I think Miles is going to scrap his nose on the concrete because he gets so close to the little ants he sees.  "Beth, I see a aaaaant."  His voice is so cute and deep.  Often times when Caden sees a bug he immediately asks if it is a bumble bee.  There is definite fear in his voice.  We have spent a lot of time talking about the good things that bees do, but there hasn't been a lot progress.  He does not like bees.  Dead bugs are also good.  This quote was made so dry and matter-of-fact that I couldn't help but laugh.  "We found a ladybug.  I killed it.  They wanted to see what was on the inside."  And then I got quizzed as to why that was funny!  

One day when I was changing Graysen's diaper this is what I heard:  

"Oh what a cute little penis.  Isn't it the cutest, Mom?  It's so little!" (now imagine a 5 year old talking in a cutsie baby voice.  That is what is going on here)  "It's just soooo cute and little!  Aaaahhhhhh"  
(now we switch to serious, 5 year old voice) "But his penis won't always be little.  It will be BIG!  It will be big like Daddy's.  And then.  You know what?  It will get hair on it!"

What can I say?  Has anyone ever had a parenting class that prepares them for a conversation like that?  I think not!

There are a couple of balls that we have in the house that can be tossed or thrown around.  Not many because I refuse to have a toddler proof house, but some.  Bennett and I were playing catch one day and the ball hit the wall.  Bennett then noticed the crack in the living room ceiling.  (This crack has been there since we moved in 3 years ago.  It has been patched and is fine.  The house is 100 years old.  It has some wrinkles!)  I decided to play with him a little bit.
B:  "Did I do that?"
Me:  "Oooo.  I think so."
B:  "No.  I didn't do that."
Me:  "Oh.  Then who did?"
B:  "I think it was Caden.  Yeah, Caden did it.  Does he have to go to the naughty spot?"
Me: "No, not right now."
Little stinker threw his friend right under the bus.  Beware future potential friends.  He's a sneaky one!

One day there was conversation about future careers.  Harrison is currently set on the armed forces.  He is going to be a pilot.  His big dream is to do fly overs at football games!  Bennett is going to be a chef.  He will cook his lunch EVERY day!  Caden is going to be a fireman and Miles is convinced he will be Daddy.  All very good goals and very fun to hear about.  I asked Harrison about Graysen and Annabelle.  "Graysen is too little to decide and Annabelle will be a smiler.  All she does is crawl around, hit Graysen and smile.  Oh and climb the couch.  She will be a smiler."  Now, I will add that she doesn't hit Graysen that often and she is getting much better at gentle touches!  Also, from Harrison's description and for other obvious reasons, it is safe to say Annabelle will be a super model when she grows up.

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