Saturday, April 22, 2017

Learn to Row

Crew has always interested me. My cousins were in crew in high school and I was always jealous that we didn't have that opportunity in my area. I love to canoe and kayak. I've dreamed of owning kayaks but dread the hassles that come with that - transporting them to and from the water - too heavy for me to get on the van - I want singles but don't want to own a trailer - where do I store them, the living room? Anyway, several years go I noticed that Des Moines had a rowing club. I looked into it, but the times were not conducive to my life. Didn't work for me so I shelved it. Then last year, some of my friends got me back into thinking it was a possibility. After I completed my 40 at 40 list I looked into the classes that my friends had done. Bingo! I signed up for the 'Learn to Row' class with the DMRC (Des Moines Rowing Club).

My class was today and it was wonderful. Fortunately the weather was perfect and the classmates were just like me - newbies. We started out on the Erg's. This is the correct term for a rowing machine. I just had to Google that name because I will never remember that. Who can remember a silly name like erg?

I had never used one before and it seemed pretty easy. I was over confident. It wasn't too complicated but it was very easy to get out of rhythm and if that happened when you were on the hull (boat), the oar would smack your knees. Lots of little pieces to remember. Then we learned all about nautical terms and things that our coxswain (leader of the hull). Again, lots of little pieces to remember. One thing that I will remember forever is that the bow of the boat is the back of the boat. I can remember this because single hulls have a protective 'ball' on the bow. This offers a little protection when hitting the dock accidentally and me giggles because even boats have balls.

Finally we went to the water. I found the experience very rewarding and can only imagine the spirit of comradeship you would find after having a successful outing on the water. Staying in rhythm with your teammates is much harder than you think it should be. And when one person is off it can effect how the boat sits in the water which in turn can effect how your oar enters the water which can then effect your own rhythm. I would love to sign up for their Novice Program but it will not work in my budget nor my schedule this year. I'm definitely going to keep it on my future bucket lists. As for learning how to row, I feel as if I have succeeded in that. Check one off!

The List

 ~ whole30
 ~ 30 days of yoga
 ~ run a 5k
 ~ read a classic novel (Jane Austen)
 ~ blog 4 or more times a week
 ~ sing karaoke
 ~ volunteer
 ~ take a writing class
 ~ finalize our will
 ~ one week of vegetarianism
 ~ get another tattoo
 ~ cross-stitch 19 bookmarks for Christmas
 ~ go geocaching
 ~ pay for a house cleaning the week of my birthday
 ~ combine past 401k’s
 ~ attend a religious service (Hindu, Muslim, Judaism…) different from my own
 ~ watch 5 documentaries
 ~ ask for forgiveness
 ~ send 40 postcards/letters
 ~ become proficient at a Zumba class
 ~ dye a bright color strip in my hair
 ~ watch 40 of the AFI top 100 films (0 of 40)
 ~ watch all seasons of Breaking Bad
 ~ solidify a plan to take the GRE and apply to grad school
 ~ donate blood
 ~ paint the porch
 ~ subscribe to The Week and read it cover to cover
 ~ purge 1/4 of my closet
 ~ visit 4 Iowa waterfalls
 ~ go hiking at 5 state parks (Ledges, Backbone, Pikes Peak, Maquoketa Caves, & Effigy Mounds)
 ~ paddle board
 ~ take the boys horse back riding
 ~ learn to row (join DMRC)
 ~ try Tai Chi
 ~ create a playlist of my 40 favorite songs
 ~ fly a kite
 ~ organize drawer of pictures
 ~ go on a picnic with a basket, bottle of wine and glass glasses
 ~ learn to bake whole wheat bread 
 ~ take time to meditate

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