Monday, August 22, 2011

Some mornings

Typically I try and have a plan for the day. It's a loose plan, but a plan none the less. With 5 - 6 kids in the house, there has to be some control!

Today I had plans for a major lego construction zone and some painting with potatoes. I know you wish you were here! This was to happen sometime after I got the breakfast dishes cleaned up. Well, I forgot to water my plants last night (I was canning my second batch of green beans. 25 pints so far. Yeah ME!) so when Caden and Graysen got here and Bennett and Caden asked to go outside, we did! It was a beautiful morning and the birds were singing. Out came the hose, big wheel, tricycle, and trucks. Miles and Annabelle arrived. The sandbox got open. Plants got watered. 15 turns on the swing were had. 20 trips around the house were made in search of the bad guy. Etc, etc. Pretty soon it was 8:45, I was sweating, breakfast was yet to be consumed and I had forgotten my coffee inside. Where did an hour and 15 minutes go and when did the plan fly out the window?!?!

By the time we had breakfast and I had gotten everything cleaned up (along with 2 cups of coffee!) the kids had begun a game of marriage. It started when Caden said - "You guys pretend to get married and I will be the baby that someone drops off to you." (I guess Heather and Adam have had that all important birds and bees conversation with young Caden!) Bennett and Miles were on board and Annabelle, not to be one left out, was in the background screaming "I DO! I DO!!" Miles stated that he would be the mom and Bennett was quick to say "OK, I will find the marriage place."

The marriage place consisted of a blanket that got moved from place to place. On the blanket they laughed, took care of the baby, ate their meals and slept. It was soon decided that Annabelle was the dog and that she could lay on the blanket because she didn't shed very much. Annabelle took what she got on crawled on hands and knees every time the blanket was moved. What a good girl!

This lasted for some time, but eventually Graysen was stealing the blanket and Miles had lost interest. Caden stated that he guessed Annabelle could be his new mommy. Annabelle took him to the couch and patted his back while he fell asleep while Bennett went to work. (For anyone keeping track, Bennett has been married to both of his cousins in this little imaginative play-time!) Work consisted of a job located outside which caused everyone to want to go back outside. I wasn't quite ready for that so I suggested a quick show before more outside time. Jake and the Neverland Pirates, anyone? YES! YES! YES! NO, DORA!!! DORA!! The yes's were from the boys... After Annabelle screamed DORA for the 15th time (peeeeessssss), the boys said that would be fine if they could watch Jake after Harrison got home. She's got them wrapped around her little fingers...

I got a load of laundry in, the dishes put away, lunch stuff laid out and this blog written. Now Dora is finishing up and soon we will be back outside. I guess my plans can wait for another day... :)

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