Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to school time

Today was the 1st day of 1st grade for Harrison. His grandpa asked him last weekend if he was excited to be in 1st grade this year and he said, "Well, yeah. I mean, I'm a second year." as he puffed out his chest. For those of you who don't know, Harrison goes to the Downtown School and they have multi-age classrooms. This means that there are 8 or 9 students in his class that were in his class last year and there are 8 or 9 new kids this year. The new kids (Kindergarten) are 1st years and since Harrison is a 2nd year (1st grade), he gets to be a role-model to the 1st years. It's an enormously important responsibility. :)

I got up early this morning to go to Krispie Kreme to get doughnuts for a Doughnut Cake idea I stole from a friend who found it on a blog. I envisioned a dozen Krispie Kreme doughnuts with chocolate glaze and sprinkles piled high on the plate. When I got to Krispie Kreme at 5:45 am I was met by a drunk 20-something practically passed out at a table and NO sprinkle doughnuts. "Those will be done in about 20 minutes." Really? As I looked over the bleak selection of doughnuts, I looked over at the poor young man with his head on the table I thought, "Well, it could be worse." I bought one dozen plain doughnuts and headed off to Hy-Vee to get blackberries (Harrison's favorite!).

At Hy-Vee I couldn't help but check out their doughnut collection and ended up with 6 more doughnuts. SPRINKLES!!! :) I think the cake turned out pretty nice.

Harrison got up just as I finished the cake and he couldn't wait to eat it. After school... "I want everyone to see it all day and we can have it when I get home from school." Way to lord over the doughnuts, Harrison. He finally agreed that everyone (me) would be much happier if we could eat the doughnut cake for breakfast. He then asked me why I made the cake. I told him it was to celebrate his first day of school. "It's not my first day of school. I have already had, like, over 181." Being literal is one of his many, many wonderful traits...

Then it was picture time. I snapped a couple outside of just him. Isn't he grown up and handsome?!?!

Then I went to get Christopher for parent photo-ops. But Caden and Graysen showed up before we finished the pictures so we went inside to chat with Heather. Graysen then proceeded to throw-up on himself AND Harrison. So off with Graysen's shirt, off with Harrison's shirt, check to see that Graysen is fine (he is - he just randomly still spits-up!) and off to find Harrison another "1st day of school" shirt. Whew...

Pictures and shirt take 2

Christopher stayed home this morning so that I could take Harrison to school. We talked about his favorite parts of summer (Yellowstone, crazy Aunt Kaylee, and James coming for a WHOLE WEEK!!) and what he was excited about for school (new classroom).

Mrs. Mathews - best teacher ever

He was nervous about finding his classroom as the Downtown School is in a new location this year, but he remembered right where is was from school supply drop-off night. We found his name tag and found a table seat next to his friend Elijah.

Then I gave him a kiss and told him he wasn't too old to kiss me back. Elijah then commented that his mom just left and she made him kiss her too! Harrison begrudgingly gave me a smirk and a kiss and went onto drawing. I took a moment to look at him and before I could say "OK. I'm going to go now. You gonna be ok?" Harrison looks up at me and says "You can go now." in a very 'hurry up and get the hell outta here' kind of tone.

I love you, Harrison. I am proud that your dad and I have raised you to be independent, confidant and wonderful. Happy 1st day of school.

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