Thursday, March 3, 2011


Sometimes I start a blog and then get interupted and have to come back to it. Sometimes I start a blog and forget that I started said blog and don't come back to it. There are about 5 of these in my blog box right now... This one was started on December 2nd.

Miles: I'm 2!
Harrison: I'm going to be 6 tomorrow. MOM! Oh my goodness! I am going to need two hands to count my age!

Harrison: Kids don't want to see adult movies because, like, they're deadly and vicious.

Harrison: When can I get a phone?

Bennett: I am thirsty. I am thirsty and hungry.
Caden: Bennett. Are you serious? We JUST had cupcakes!

Miles: Cake will make me feel better.

Miles: Beth, I'm getting big. Really big. Really, I'm huge.

Bennett: We are not going to play the iPad. I am just going to show you something because it is really cool. Do you know what really cool is?

Me: Bennett, what are you doing? (he's sitting on the couch with the play phone)
Bennett: I'm just playing Angry Birds on my phone.

Graysen and Annabelle: BA RA RA RA BA RA OOOHHHH LAAAAA (translation - Bad Romance by Lady Gaga) Soooo funny when they sing together in the car!!!!

These and so many others make my days wonderful.

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