Sunday, January 30, 2011

Proactive Thinker

Christopher is in the basement woodworking (a story for another day). I am in the bedroom watching a recording of my favorite show (As Time Goes By). Bennett and Harrison are on the couch in the living room watching basketball, playing games on the iPad. This is what was heard by me:

Harrison: Here. Do you want the iPad. It's ok. You can have the iPad.
Bennett: (Silence) - - starts playing the iPad
Christopher: (heard coming up the stairs) Bennett, why were you crying?
Bennett: Harrison pinched me.
Christopher: Is that why you gave him the iPad? Because you didn't want to get into trouble?
Harrison: Well, I KNEW I was going to get in trouble so I just gave him the iPad.
Christopher: Harrison... Tell him you are sorry.
Harrison: I'm sorry, Bennett.
Bennett: That's ok.

Life goes on in the Neipert household...

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Ryan "Grizz" Welch said...

Why do I see Otis doing this to Finn in the very near future?